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O VetanCast é uma ferramenta que foca na comunicação auditiva e oferece dinamismo para quem busca informações importantes e atualizadas sobre o setor agro. Em 12 minutos, convidades das mais diferentes áreas da cadeia produtiva do agronegócio vão apresentar opiniões sobre temas de relevância técncia e de mercado">
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What is the place of women in the agricultural sector in France?

The feminization of the French agricultural world has made real progress over the past 50 years : women now represent 30% of permanent agricultural workers and more than a quarter of farm managers, compared to 8% in 1970. How is the future of women and parity in this sector shaping up, answers with Fanette Bon, journalist in charge of the Agriculture section at Ouest-France and Sylvie Tranchevent, farm manager and administrator of the Eureden cooperative. Find also the news in brief of the agricultural world.

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