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A glimpse into the future: Chatting with Antonia Tacconi from Perstorp at IPPE

Gut health as a guiding light for innovation. Antonia Tacconi from Perstorp told us all about it at IPPE 2023! During IPPE 2023 nutriNews International had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Antonia Tacconi, Global Product Manager of the Gut Health segment for Perstorp. Antonia graduated in 2015 from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Where she  obtained a PhD in Bioanalytics focusing on the detection of antibiotic residues in animal-derived foods. Since then, she has developed her career within the international feed additives industry, gaining substantial experience, working with various types of feed additives as well as with a wide range of livestock species. We got the chance to learn a little more about Perstorp’s history as a company and their devotion to gut health  preservation. Perstorp is a Swedish company which began as a specialty chemicals manufacturer approximately 140 years ago, which is quite remarkable. Perstorp has over 60 years of experience in innovations with short chain fatty acids for agriculture and over a decade of experience innovating in the field of esterified organic acids. They were regarded as innovators at the time, and continue to be considered as such within this industry by being the pioneers in the production of protected organic acids. Perstorp believes on finding wealth through better animal gut health, and not just wealth from profits. Referring to the kind of feeling you get when gut health is completely under control. Therefore, the company continues to innovate while accomplishing its mission of bringing gut wealth to farmers around the world. The gut health segment is at the core of Perstorp’s strategic direction, and Tacconi’s role is pivotal for its success. As an expert and known innovator in the field of esterified organic acids for both gut health and preservation, Perstorp is developing a healthy innovation pipeline to meet the requirements of the future. Watch the full interview here:

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