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Chatting with poultry experts

Channel Chatting with poultry experts

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Dr. Mario Penz: Current situation of the grains market worldwide

At the World’s Poultry Congress 2022, aviNews International interviewed Dr. Mario Penz to talk about the impact of the current grain markets on poultry worldwide and the strategies to solve the shortage of ingredients. Dr. Mario Penz is the Strategic Accounts Global Director of Cargill. He has multiple scientific publications and numerous conferences presented in 40 countries. Dr. Penz indicated that “we have been going through a very complex situation during the last 2 or 3 years, maybe just before the beginning of COVID and during all COVID. Because we have this unexpected pandemic situation and then, in the beginning, it disorganized all the systems in the world regarding production in some places that have nothing to do with COVID but have to work in terms of transfer of these grains from one part of the world to another.” Then, Dr. Penz established that there were some problems at the beginning of the pandemic, but they are still not fixed. At the same time, it was an increase in the price, and we don’t know when it will go up or down. So many things are playing in the game. On the other hand, Dr. Penz mentioned that this impact is affecting the poultry ingredients, for example, in the Americas’ countries, with the price increase or the lack of corn and soybean, which are the main ingredients in the diets. With this, the industry suffers because the margin that the industry works is very tight. Then, everything that increases the price will disorganize the chain. Other topics discussed during the interview were:
  • How does the Ukraine and Russia war benefit other grain producer countries?
  • Benefits of the war on Brazil’s corn exports.
  • Shortage and quality of ingredients.
  • Strategies to solve the shortage of ingredients.
To watch the full interview with Dr. Mario Penz, check out the video or click here. 

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