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Mycotoxin levels in soybean meals

In a recent interview conducted by NutriNews International, we had the privilege of conversing with Dr. Edgar Oviedo, a distinguished Professor at the Prestage Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University. The focus of our discussion with Dr. Oviedo delved into the critical domain of mycotoxin contamination in soybean meals—an issue of paramount importance in the global agricultural landscape. Dr. Oviedo shared profound insights on various facets, ranging from the fundamental aspects of mycotoxin evaluation to the nuances of how soybean meal compares to other grains in terms of susceptibility to contamination. The interview also explored the variations in mycotoxin contamination based on the source or location of soybean meal production and highlighted the significance of comprehensive worldwide surveys, such as the dsm-firmenich World Mycotoxin Survey. Our conversation with Dr. Oviedo traversed through key findings from these surveys, revealing the prevalence of mycotoxins in soybean meals across different countries. Additionally, the interview addressed the specific challenges posed by mycotoxin contamination in soybean meals from various regions, emphasizing the importance of continuous monitoring, even in seemingly safer sources.   This interview promises to be an enlightening exploration of the complexities surrounding mycotoxin evaluation in soybean meals, shedding light on the global efforts to ensure the safety and sustainability of feed production. You can also read more about this topic in the following article

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