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Dr. Acheampong: Egg production in Ghana

In this interview at the World’s Poultry Congress 2022, Dr. Comfort Acheampong, Coordinator of the Ghana National Egg Campaign Secretariat (GNECS), tells us about this organization and Egg production in Ghana. Dr. Comfort said that Ghana National Egg Campaign Secretariat came to being after an American project called the “Ghana Poultry Project” and the amplifiers. These two projects were funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA supported poultry farmers to be able to produce feed which is the main cost of production and helped producers to have a cheaper quality feed. “So the whole project started in 2015, then after two years, there were plenty of eggs, and the farmers could not sell the eggs, so the idea came that: Why do not we find out why the Ghana people are not eating eggs. So that is where the Ghana National Egg Campaign started.”  Once the project finished with the USDA, people from stakeholders such as farmers, feed mill companies, producers, and consumers decided to set up a new secretary with the aim to continue improving the egg market in Ghana. On the other hand, Dr. Comfort explained that what they have done until now is to get healthy people. To do that, they have been working with the Ghana Health Service. Then they trained people about the nutritional benefits of eggs because people only knew myths about the eggs and not their importance to be consumed.
Other discussed topics during the were:
  • Work between the organization with the community and egg producers
  • Challenges that egg production is facing
  • How does the organization support the producers?
  • Egg production in the last five years
  • Egg market status in the country
  • Egg market expectations in the following years
To check out the full interview, you can watch the video here    

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