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O VetanCast é uma ferramenta que foca na comunicação auditiva e oferece dinamismo para quem busca informações importantes e atualizadas sobre o setor agro. Em 12 minutos, convidades das mais diferentes áreas da cadeia produtiva do agronegócio vão apresentar opiniões sobre temas de relevância técncia e de mercado">
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Agricultural education: the reasons for a constant attraction

For many young people, the end of the school year is synonymous with a choice of direction. Despite the decline in the number of farmers in France, agricultural education is still very popular. Between the growing diversity of training courses offered and the motivations expressed by those who follow these courses, the attraction of agricultural education is based on many reasons. An interview for La Voix de l’Elevage with Jean Salmon, president of the Conseil national de l’enseignement agricole privé (CNEAP). You can also find news from the world of agriculture in brief.

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