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Chatting with poultry experts

Channel Chatting with poultry experts

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Suresh Chitturi: The eggs’ value in human nutrition worldwide

During the three-day congress at the VIV-Europe 2022, aviNews International had the great opportunity to interview different poultry experts with experience in diverse fields or areas in the industry. This note introduces you to the interview with Suresh Chitturi, Chairman of the International Egg Commission (IEC). The interviews were developed by Ad Bal, the editor of aviNews International, who has more than 20 years of experience as an editor in de poultry sector. Suresh explained that the International Egg Commission started more than fifty years ago, with almost 80 countries as members of this organization. Currently, the organization has more than 500 members, of which most are major egg producers. However, people involved in the global egg production are also part of the organization. He highlighted that members are from Europe and America, and the number is increasing in Asia. The International Egg Commission exists to link people globally and is the only organization representing the egg industry globally. It is a unique community that shares information and develops relationships across cultures and nationalities to support the growth of the egg industry (Read more here). Currently the IEC is focused on how to represent the global egg production throughout the whole production chain including different sectors of the industry such as breeders, vaccines, equipment, processing and some others. Talking about the egg’s importance, Suresh said that the eggs directly impact people in different ways and every week new data is being released to highlight the benefits of the eggs. For instance, every additional egg per capita in India creates 35,000 new jobs. Moreover, it was demonstrated that the supply of eggs in India’s schools improved the children’s performance by 15%, reduced the absenteeism related to sickness to 0%, and increased the kids’ height.  Other topics discussed during the interview were:
  • Objectives of the IEC
  • IEC conferences and meetings
  • Benefits of the eggs
  • Sustainability and… Click here to read more

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