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Chatting with poultry experts

Channel Chatting with poultry experts

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Jan Wolleswinkel: How companies are helping each other?

During the three-day congress at the VIV-Europe 2022, aviNews International had the great opportunity to interview different poultry experts with experience in diverse fields or areas in the industry. This note introduces you to the interview with Jan Wolleswinkel the Dutch Poultry Centre Chairman. The interviews were developed by Ad Bal, the editor of aviNews International, who has more than 20 years of experience as an editor in de poultry sector. Ducth Poultry Centre is a organization that compile most of the Dutch poultry companies. The purpose is to work as a multi-center and network organization to tell the world that in the Netherlands there is a system of specialized companies that work together and bring their knowledge to other parts of the world, Said Jan.
  • At Dutch Poultry Centre, it’s all about cooperation. Cooperation between the partners and cooperation with customers and business relations all over the world.
  • Cooperation that mainly consists of sharing knowledge and providing complementary solutions (Read more here).
Jan indicated that members of organization work together helping each other. He said they are a very small organization but they try to bring those companies who are member of the exporter centre. >> It is because as organization they have conferences, market places and receptions where all companies can meet each other. They take advantage of the ministers and embassies from different countries to see some special things they can afford to others and work very nearby. Other discussed topics were:
  • Major challenges for the poultry industry
  • Future for the [register] Dutch Poultry Centre
To watch the interview with Jan Wolleswinkel check out the video where the above topics and others are discussed in depth.
About aviNews International’s participation t the VIV-Europe 2022:
  • aviNews international delivered the latest magazine to
  • most of the assistants. This edition contained technical articles about incubation, pathology, laying hens, equipment, and interviews, among others. To check that edition you can visit this link.

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