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Interview with Dr. Vanessa Lagos (Monogastric Nutrition)

Dr. Edgar Oviedo collaborator and co corresponding author for nutriNews International had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Vanessa Lagos a researcher at Schothorst Feed Research Center in the Netherlands. This interview took place during the 7th EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition (ISEP 2022) held in Granada (Spain) from September 12-15, 2022.
Dr. Oviedo: We are here at ISEP 2022 with Dr. Vanessa Lagos who specializes in Monogastric Nutrition research. We want to thank you Dr. Vanessa for joining us today at NutriNews International, and we would like to start off by knowing a little more about the type of research that you are carrying out at your center? Dr. Vanessa Lagos: Thank you for having me Dr. Oviedo. Well, I have been working at Schothorst for a little more than a year now. We are an independent research center located in Lelystad, Netherlands. We provide different services, amongst which we offer the advanced feed package. We have signed contracts with feed mills in the Netherlands as well as other countries, through which we offer them access to our feed ingredient tables, as well as nutrient requirements for poultry, dairy cattle, and swine. We have a consultancy department that is in charge of providing our advanced feed package to our clients, and then we also have an R&D department. It is within this latter department where I carry out my activities as researcher in monogastric nutrition. Here I work within the swine team mainly on grow finishing trials, and I also work with the poultry team mainly with broilers. In our trials we try different feed additives, or feed ingredients, evaluating their effects on performance and other aspects of this sort. Therefore, in the R&D department we carry out trials in our animal facilities to update out tables, but we take on different trials for third party research. We have different feed additive companies that come to us, to perform different kinds of trials like> performance trials, commercial trials as well as registration trials. Finally, we also offer training services, through webinars, seminars, and other academic methods focusing on animal nutrition in the species that I have mentioned. Dr. Oviedo: Thank you, Vanessa. I wanted to ask you the following question. In regards to the different topics presented here at ISEP, what concepts have you found be most relevant and suitable for you to apply within your own research? We have seen interesting presentations on direct evaluation of metabolism, the use of indirect calorimetry, the application of molecular biology to assess how animals use nutrients, and so forth. In your case, where you are working with practical applications what new developments or research have you found to be the most useful for your current? Dr. Lagos:  I believe this meeting has had a big focus on reducing the negative impacts of heat stress, as well as methane reduction in dairy cows for example. As well as focusing on nitrogen (N) retention in the case of swine and poultry, which is a very important topic. For example, right now in the Netherlands the government is pressuring farmers to reduce the levels of nitrogen excretion in their productive systems. Therefore, this type of research is really significant for us to be able to help Dutch farmers reduce N excretion from our area of expertise which is nutrition. For such reasons I have found this very interesting. Although some of these definitions may be somewhat general, I think it is important to understand the mode of action of different reduction strategies and evaluate how these can be applied in Dutch farms. Aiming to eventually extrapolate these solutions on to a global scale… You can read the full interview here

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