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Chatting with poultry experts

Channel Chatting with poultry experts

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Graeme Dear: Challenges of the British poultry industry

During the three-day congress at the VIV-Europe 2022, aviNews International had the great opportunity to interview different poultry experts with experience in diverse fields or areas in the industry. This note introduces you to the interview with Graeme Dear the Chairman of the British Poultry Council. The interviews were developed by Ad Bal, the editor of aviNews International, who has more than 20 years of experience as an editor in de poultry sector. Graeme expressed that he is excited to be attending the congress since has happened a while to meet with the poultry industry people again due to the pandemic of Covid-19.
Talking about the council, Graeme said that the British Poultry Council represents 99.5% of the UK poultry meat production.
The Council is the voice of the British poultry meat sector and the trade association for producers of poultry meat from chickensturkeysducks, and geese. Also, the council addresses issues on all parts of the production chain: breeding, hatching, growing, and processing (Read more here)
Graeme also indicated that UK producers are prepared to export meat and the Council is helping to maintain the health and the welfare of animals to guarantee a good product.
Additionally, during the interview Ad asked about how is Brexit affecting them? Graeme considered that due to the Brexit they have experimented with many difficulties with a drop even in the exports and imports of poultry meat.
Brexit has been very difficult, there is no just getting way from reality. It has not delivered for the UK poultry industry what which the government probably expected to be delivered and it just brought a lot of frustration, Said Graeme.
Other topics discussed during the interview were:
  • The dramatic drop in exports
  • Production capacity in the UK
  • The Major challenges for the British poultry industry
To listen to the interview with Graeme Dear, check out the podcast where the above topics and others are discussed in depth.

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