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Chatting with poultry experts

Channel Chatting with poultry experts

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Epigenetic effects of Zinc supplementation on chick quality

During the launch of the Novus International book called Breeder Management and Nutrition: Moving the Industry Forward at the World’s Poultry Congress 2022, aviNews International interviewed Dr. Mercedes Vazquez-Añón to talk about her chapter: “Harnessing Epigenetic to Improve Chick Quality with Trace Mineral Zinc.” It was written together with Dr. Juxing Chen. Dr. Mercedes Vasquez-Añón is the Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and Account Collaboration from Novus International. She has published more than 40 refereed scientific publications and numerous conference proceedings. In general, the book is about broiler breeders covering several aspects of management, nutrition, welfare, and genetics to focus on the potential of optimizing the breeder nutrition to improve the progeny performance.
So we’re really focusing in what is the effect on the subsequent progeny. And to do that, we studied the biological pathways by which nutritional the hen can have an impact on the progeny. And most of it is to the epigenetics. So we discussed several aspects of the nutrition on the breeder that relates back to the production also growth. Talking about the benefits of the trace mineral Zinc in broiler breeders, Dr. Mercedes indicated that they have found that feeding trace mineral in broiler breeders affect the immunity of the offspring. Also, it affects the health and performance of the broilers.
So that’s where we spent most of the time in the chapter describing the mechanisms by which the trace minerals can improve the livability and the immunity of the offspring.
Some recommendations for supplementing trace mineral Zinc in [register] broiler breeders are primarily based on Zinc, Copper, and Manganese. Dr. Mercedes said that they would recommend the use of Mintrex or chelated trace minerals to levels between 40 to 60 ppm for Zinc and Manganese and Copper by 10 ppm. Other discussed topics were:
  • Positive effects of those minerals on the offspring’s quality
  • Age or breeder phase to supplement those trace minerals in breeders
  • Epigenetic impacts on improving the immune system by zinc supplementation in broilers
  • What is coming in the research about this topic?
Check out the video to watch the full interview with Dr. Mercedes Vazquez.

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