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Chatting with poultry experts

Channel Chatting with poultry experts

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Dr. Mou: Common issues on poultry operations

In this opportunity, our Technical Director, Dr. Edgar Oviedo, talked with Dr. Connie Mou about the common issues she has found in different poultry operations and advice to solve those situations. Dr. Mou is an expert in poultry housing and management, Ph.D. in Poultry Environmental Management from the University of Georgia, and currently works as a Technical Services Manager at Danisco Animal Nutrition and Health (IFF). Her work is basically customer or sales support, helping to develop research trials, including collecting and analyzing data to figure out what happened and find a solution for the problems. She emphasized that one of her functions is educating or training people. This is why she has participated in different seminars and congresses. Talking about the most common issues that she has found in poultry production, in the case of broilers, Dr. Mou indicated that a big problem is the education or the dissemination of the information.  “We have the internet, we have all these universities that have the knowledge, but this is not getting into the farm in a structured manner. I have talked with those producers, and they have so many questions about basic management things, so the management side needs a little more revamping”. Dr. Mou said that the industry needs to put more effort into these companies that should be more present with those organizations that help educate people. Other discussed questions were:
  • What common issues have you encountered on the layers side? Turkeys? Breeders?
  • What sort of advice or support have you been able to offer in those situations?
  • Are water quality and drinker line management a common issue? Which issues do you see more frequently?
  • What water quality parameters do you consider more difficult to fix? What solutions have you proposed?
  • What future directions are you looking to go in this field/industry?
To watch the full interview check out the video here

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