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Chatting with poultry experts

Channel Chatting with poultry experts

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Dr. Campbell: Experiences in training poultry personnel

In this opportunity, Dr. Jesse Campbell, Professor at Auburn University and member of the National Poultry Technology Center, shared his experiences in training personnel for the poultry industry since this is a very critical aspect of any production sector but especially in agriculture and integrated poultry industry where is necessary to deal with different groups that may have slightly different interests but all work together to provide the best protein product that we can offer to the public to feed them such as poultry meat. What type of training programs do you offer to poultry service technicians? Sometimes I look at training a little differently than the traditional methods. For example, we typically try to train our poultry growers and our poultry technicians on the farm with birds.
Typically, what we try to do is find it best to do these types of training in seminars in the fieldin operating poultry houses at their poultry company or the poultry growers’ actual facilities. That is a big challenge these days, especially with birds. Ventilation systems, heating systems, and electrical plumbing systems.
All this to be able to see the actual equipment, how to measure the performance of that equipment, and how to adjust without birds on the farm too. So they are comfortable without damaging the birds and without exposing them to anything.
We host international programs, but we will also do that for company-specific training so that companies do not have to worry about competing company representatives or anything like that. So, we typically do it. However, if anybody wants it, we find the farm training works the best, whether on the company farms or in our demonstration facility.
Other discussed questions were:
  • How do you do the training programs for poultry growers? Since they are already very familiar with some of their equipment. How do you address that? And what are the differences in those training?
  • What are other aspects in educational background that you will differentiate between growers and tech people? And how do you address them?
  • What is the knowledge that would poultry service technicians and the growers benefit from the most to be successful in their jobs?
  • What are your experiences on what type of soft skills and challenges or areas of improvement they can enhance that they have wellness working with poultry growers and service technicians?
  • Why did you choose to work in poultry education? What do you that this is an interesting area of work?
You can watch the full interview here

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