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Current trends in vaccine development

In this podcast, aviNews International talked with Dr. Edgar Oviedo about his article, “Current trends in vaccine development,” published in the magazine. Dr. Oviedo is the technical director of aviNews International, a professor at the Prestage Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University, and a poultry consultant in more than 40 countries. Vaccines boost the animal’s immune system to produce local and systemic humoral and cellular responses to fight the infection caused by specific organisms. The growing demand for antibiotic-free and organic productions and the rising antimicrobial resistance fuels the interest in using immunological control methods for many infectious diseases as an alternative to traditional chemotherapy. Viral variants increase the pressure to develop vaccines that keep up with virus evolution and minimize potential mutations among vaccine viral strains. It has been estimated that the market of poultry vaccines will grow 6% in the next five years worldwide. This article intends to review the trends in vaccine development with a special focus on bacterial poultry vaccines. First of all, keep on mind that the efficacy of vaccines to control poultry diseases depends on many factors:
  • It is important to select the right type of vaccine
  • The best adjuvant
  • The correct time of application
  • Avoid errors in vaccine storage and transportation
  • Optimize administration methods to cover the population
Vaccine failure also can occur due to:
  • Host factors such as stress
  • Immunodepression
  • Interference with maternally derived antibodies
  • Nutritional status. among other factors
The new vaccines have been designed to overcome many of the most common issues observed in practical applications. The following questions or topics were discussed during the podcast?
  • The components of the vaccines and their functions
  • Explanation of the three main generations of vaccines
  • Differences between immunomodulators and mineral oil adjuvants
  • Attenuated, inactivated, and DNA vaccines
  • Challenges during the vaccine’s development
To read the full article, click here

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