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Chatting with poultry experts

Channel Chatting with poultry experts

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Broiler production experience in South Africa

During this opportunity at the World’s Poultry Congress 2022, Mr. Alleen Magumbi, Managing Director at Ulusoy Africa Poultry, told us about his experience as a broiler grower in South Africa. His company is a poultry integration with a production of around 560,000 chickens per cycle. The company has 19 poultry houses, of which 9 have a capacity of 20,000 chickens and 10 carry up to 40,000 chickens. The Most Promising Option for the Ulusoy Africa poultry is broiler production and will entail production, processing and marketing broilers that have been dressed, graded according to weight (1kg – 2kg), packaged, labelled and sold in large quantities (20kg+) as chicken cut ups or whole chicken to supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants. Broiler production has not been one of the biggest industries in South Africa. Mr. Magumbi also indicated that they are slaughtering 2,000 birds per day, intending to expand and grow the production. Talking about any special management that makes his product different from other productions, Mr. Magumbi said they had a good management staff who know what they are doing. For example, the CEO Stephen Rayner is very good at ensuring feed and water management. He added that he has a special team that helps to be attentive daily in the company and goes all out to ensure that they give a good product. Other discussed topics were: – Current challenges they are facing in terms of management and health – Impact of the grain prices worldwide
To watch the full interview with Mr. Alleen Magumbi, check out the video o click here. 
More about the company
The Ulusoy Africa will get training mainly through experienced farmers, Sapa, and from the technical partners on the best production methods. Capacity building will be an ongoing activity that will be based on baseline surveys, monitoring and evaluation results by experts, and self/peer evaluation among producers themselves.

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