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nutriNews international

nutriNews international

NutriNews emerged as the first communication tool in the agricultural sector dedicated exclusively to animal nutrition in Spain. Since its creation and thanks to encouraging responses from the public, we have launched Nutrinews Latam, Nutrinews Brasil and nutriNews International with the aim of expanding our communications offer within the animal nutrition sector. NutriNews International was born with the aim of constituting a space of reference and dissemination for companies, institutions, researchers and specialists within this field at a global scale. Following this path nutriNews International wants to welcome you to our new global podcast channel on animal nutrition and related topics!! Now you can enjoy audio content of the best articles from our magazine’s printed and website versions anytime, anywhere. nutriNews International magazine has numerous articles from world leaders in animal nutrition, focusing on poultry, pigs, ruminants, as well as fish and rabbits. In addition to these types of content, we have interviews with animal nutrition experts who are points of reference within their fields of work. Providing us with insight on how they are dealing with current issues such as food safety, the use of alternative growth promoters to replace antibiotics, early detection and treatment of mycotoxicosis, and water quality. As well as touching base on important topics like: formulation of low-cost rations, sustainable production systems that take care of excess excretion of nutrients into the environment and much, much more! We hope that our initiative finds and enthusiastic welcoming, and aim for it to be a worthwhile experience. Becoming a reference of choice for many and contributing to constant improvement. We hope you can get the most out this channel’s content and enjoy it, as much as we have enjoyed creating it!! Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy the contents of your choice!!

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