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Chatting with poultry experts

Chatting with poultry experts

Welcome to Chatting with poultry experts. This is a new aviNews International channel in which will post interviews with several people involved in the poultry industry talking about exciting topics!   These topics are related to biosecurity, animal welfare, broiler breeders, broilers, laying hens, turkeys, ducks, incubation, pathology, immunology, management, chicken processing, diet formulation, nutrition, data analytics, environment, alternative production, markets, trends, research and so on that are impacting the poultry sector.    All interviews are conducted by the aviNews International staff, either editor, technical director, or redactor who have long experience working in the industry. Together with them, you will know how poultry production systems and companies are growing around the world.   In this channel, you will find several interviews where we are keeping up-to-date information about the day-by-day in poultry productions, as well as the challenges that the industry is facing due to the outbreak of diseases such as influenza, covid-19, wars, market movements, etc.    Additionally, in this channel, you will discover the experiences, successes, and hopes for the future of professionals in the sector who strive every day to provide society with a source of healthy, safe protein of the highest quality.    Find out the latest poultry information from poultry experts by listening to those podcasts where they tell us about their most interesting experiences and stories. Now, you can access the interviews through these audio versions here on Agri FM. Agri FM, your new social media specialize in poultry topics! So be the first to discover our content, and don't wait until others tell you about it!      Enjoy the best interviews with experts in poultry on audio anytime, anywhere. So, take a look and subscribe to our channel!!   Follow us on our social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, where you can find us as aviNews International. #poultry #poultryproduction #poultryindustry #avinews #avinewsitnernational 

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