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aviNews International

aviNews International

Welcome to our aviNews International podcast channel! aviNews International is a poultry leading magazine worldwide with daily publications of news and technical articles relevant to the industry. Therefore, in these podcasts, you can find the perfect way to do not miss the opportunity to learn from our articles about different topics such as incubation, housing, and management, diet formulation, raw ingredients, nutrition, pathology, processing, data analytics, environment, biosecurity, health, animal welfare, alternative production, equipment, economic impact, markets, among others related with all poultry, parent stock, broiler breeders, layers, ducks, turkeys, and wild birds. These contents are written for different specialists, professors, and technical teams from diverse companies and universities to give us up-to-date quality information. Thus, our content reflects different standpoints from poultry production around the world, such as rearing systems, experiences, nutrient recommendations, genetic lines, and more. Now, you can access them through these audio versions here on Agri FM. Agri FM, your new social media specialize in poultry topics! Be the first one to discover our content, and don't wait until others tell you about it! Subscribe to our podcast channel and find out with us about the latest news and relevant information from the poultry sector, updated weekly. As aviNews International, we deliver information worldwide with the most recent news that impacts any country and with technical support to help producers learn every day how to improve their productions with high-quality information from technical articles and current research that also helps to answer their doubts. Our information is also delivered on quarter digital and printed magazines, digital articles and news, and weekly e-news. This allows us to be the ideal media partner for you. If you are not subscribed, I invite you to do so at Also, you can follow us on our social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

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